Determine feedstock’s composition, pyrolysis, combustion process data

Biomass thermal and composition data are critical to control large scale thermal processes, as are the reaction’s steps, kinetics, evolved species and heat capacity.
Our solutions cover this full application range.

  • Biomass Combustion

    Determining biomass water and ash content is important for combustion processes. TGA is the appropriate characterization method. It also provides the temperature range of the combustion reaction.

  • Biomass Pyrolysis

    For a given biomass feedstock, TGA provides the temperature range, steps and solid residue of the pyrolysis process. The types and amounts of valuable evolved gases can be obtained by EGA.

  • Gasification

    Gasification requires humid inert gas conditions. They can be reproduced in a TGA to characterize various biomass feedstocks.

  • Heat and heat capacity

    Heat and heat capacity are key process data for the heating of large amounts of biomass. They are required for energy consumption and heat transfer simulation.

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