Applications for Energy and Environment

Materials for energy and environment may be susceptable to thermal ageing and to issues concerning composition stability, heat transfer, recyclability, manufacturing cost and efficiency. Detailed characterization is essential for continuous improvement of these materials and processes.


Our Energy & Environment Solutions

SETARAM provides solutions for thermal stability or composition assessment. We also offer solutions for heat transfer calculation data, sorption behavior, or phase diagrams.

  • Batteries

    Assess thermal stability, heat transfer management, self-discharge data.

  • Catalysts and adsorbents
    catalysts and adsorbents

    Characterize their sorption, desorption, selectivity data, coke content.

  • Biomass

    Determine feedstock’s composition, pyrolysis, combustion process data.

  • CO2 Capture and Sequestration
    CO2 Capture and Sequestration

    Gas sorption, desorption, selectivity and regeneration data of capture materials.

  • Heat storage materials
    Heat storage materials

    Measure sensible and latent heat of PCM, heat transfer fluids, reversible sorption material.

  • Fossil Energies
    fossil energies

    Assess composition, reactivity, combustion and sorption properties of materials such as coal or shale.

  • Hydrogen

    Material Characterization for Hydrogen : production, storage, distribution and conversion

  • Gas hydrates & flow assurance
    Gas hydrates & flow assurance

    Measure gas hydrate stability, wax appearance data to anticipate oil and gas transportation issues.

  • Waste Materials
    waste materials

    Determine composition, combustion behavior, recycling process data.

  • Nuclear Materials
    nuclear materials

    Assess materials thermal and thermophysical properties, quantify nuclear materials in waste.

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