Fossil Energies

fossil energies

Assess composition, reactivity, combustion and sorption properties of materials such as coal or shale

The thermal properties and composition of fossil fuels are important.
They help control large scale production or transformation processes.
Our solutions cover this application range.

  • Coal composition

    You can use a simple TGA test procedure to get information about coal composition. One single measurement gives its moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon, and ash content. All are important coal quality specifications.

  • Coal combustion

    The most obvious use of coal is heat production in a boiler by high temperature combustion. You can use DSC under air for information about the combustion steps, their temperature ranges and the heat released.

  • Oil & gas shale

    Understanding gas shale formation and extraction benefit from gas sorption characterization. You can test oil shale using STA to better understand their use in energy production processes.

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