Heat & heatflow

Generated by transitions, by expected or undesired reactions

heat flow

Heat matters

There are many reasons to measure heat. It’s a perfect detector for a thermal event (at what temperature? how fast?). It can characterize reaction progress (50% heat released may mean 50% reaction progress). It also helps to calculate the energy cost of equipment (e.g. a reactor), or the heat balance of a system (e.g. a battery).

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    This measures heat of melting, crystallization, decomposition!. Our DSC solutions are simple and offer high accuracy and precision, from very low to very high temperatures.

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis

    This measures heat of melting, crystallization, decomposition! Our STA solutions are ideal when Heat measurement is combined with mass variation. Up to very high temperatures.

  • Calorimetry

    This is ideal for measuring heats of transitions, mixing, reactions, sorption, decomposition and more. Our sensors based on Calvet technology provide the highest accuracy and precision. They operate from very low to very high temperatures.

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